Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This says it...


Blogger Roy said...

I meant to comment on this awhile back, Harry. That was well said. Sometimes I am dismayed at how we as a country behave. I watched "The Greatest Generation" with Tom Brokaw, on TV the other night, and it made me think of my father, who is still alive and well and said to me in the aftermath of 911, "It just makes me mad, that I can't go do something about this." He meant, if he were able, he would go back to the Army Air Corps and serve his country again. His first thought.

What does this mean? Like the Tom Clancy character said of the days before the Cold War, "I miss the clarity."

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Wiggy said...

Agreed, Harry.

BTW, when are you going to write your book? Fiction or non-fiction - or have you started already?

10:30 PM  

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