Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tommy Makem, RIP

Tommy Makem has died of lung cancer in Dover, NH.

Makem was a big figure in my childhood. First heard his voice on "Hearty and Hellish", borrowed from Don at some point in the late Sixites (?). Makem's way of singing influenced me heavily as a piper. Much of the way I interpret music comes right from Makem. More than nearly any other singer, certainly any other folk singer, he could make a song really live. There was something fierce and intense about his singing, even when it was a sad, slow air. If you want to hear a voice that gets inside of you quickly, find an album of his, or the Clancy's and Makem, and listen for a while. I guess he had to go sometime, but he seemed like on of those that wouldn't...not really.