Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm runnin' outta gas....

Yes, a sword of Damocles hangs above my head in the form of hundreds of applications from people desperate to be professional intellectuals. They endless sheets of paper in hopes that they can come be abused by the system, faculty, older students with an eye toward becoming one of the abusers someday.

Maybe that should be termed, "The Mailbin of Damocles."

It doesn't help the motivational level to listen to "Blue Moon Nights" by John Fogerty. Its a perfect song of desperation of another kind; the kind that has the singer no longer looking too hard at people who have found the love of another, but hoping for it just the same. He's asking the world for a hand, as though its his last chance. Life is rolling on, but maybe not for long. He's asking for someone to see him through it. It's sadder than hell, made all the sadder for the rockabilly rhythm that just hops along. It takes me right to another song, "Blue Days, Black Nights" from Buddy Holly. Same wistful melody and anguished lyrics in front of a pleasant, danceable rhythm.

Jeeezus! Where's my bourbon?