Friday, August 19, 2005

Here's an interesting thing

I am also inclined to agree with Hagel:

This is an opportunity for GW to let his inner statesman come out. Forgive me if I nearly collapse with laughter at the thought of an inner statesman in GW, but I could be wrong. I was wrong once years ago about something. Can't remember what, though. ; - )

Anyway, I think Hagel is right. Hip mentioned something along these lines just yesterday, I think. Hip, you should work at State, not that Rice would listen, but you never know.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm inclined...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Okie Dokie

This picture, which originally appeared on the cover of "Songs of the Doomed," kind of represents my mood these days.

Just keeping my hand in. Thought I should post something, if only to remember my password. There's just no free time on the job anymore! Posting from home is nearly impossible, so when it gets busy here, I go dark. Not that my personal brand of "wisdom" shines any kind of light on the world.

The job has gotten much busier, and if I don't get a raise out of it I won't rest until I am in another job.

I remain afflicted/blessed with weird daydreams, and astounded at our lame and pathetic administration. Lately I have thought I've reached the point where I just shake my head and wonder why 2008 isn't here yet. Then the shrub does or says something that has me wondering and going back over how the little fart got elected in the first place. Then I get pissed off and reach for the nearest Hunter Thompson. All this happens after the little one goes under, so there's not much time to fester and boil and think "What the Fuck?"

Oh well.

One a these days, life will calm down, and I will actually post something semi-creative on here. Wiggy, I might even put a picture of my legs as you requested. Only for you . . . and Hip but he wouldn't admit it. ;-)