Thursday, May 26, 2005

Uncle Fester

My head feels like it's' in a vice. I have a cold. Not a bad one as colds go, but I only get about one a year, so they have an impact. I feel as though I'm sitting in a hot room with a giant holding my head in his two hands and just pressing them together. Everytime I think of this, I'm reminded of Uncle Fester on the Addams Family TV show and how he used to put his head in a press and have Lurch turn the wheel until the "Pop!" was heard. Then he'd say "That's great, Lurch!"

I stayed home from work a couple of days back and had that great feeling I used to get in grammar school when I had a cold and could just stay home and play. I didn't sip coffee and surf the net back then, but doing that two days ago sufficed for the morning. Sure, I could've done that at work. The mosheen is better, faster and has a bigger screen. But why? I sounded like hell, and was blasting indescribable things from my bronchial tract all over the area. At home, all I had to do was get my own goodies, and lean down and scratch the dog behind the ears now and again. He was into it until he noticed something furry in the backyard, then all hell broke loose. I got him out just before the back door gave way. He's a good dog, though, and large. I'm pretty sure that anyone who broke in would regret it in a hurry.


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