Thursday, November 18, 2004

...and another thing!

The press has given up, I think. I have given up on the press. They seem completely unwilling to hold the adminstration's feet to the fire on accountability. They don't seem to want to nail them, in the style of Woodward and Bernstein. I think the administration needs its nuts crushed by a few hard charging investigative types from major media outlets. The pressure needs to come on and stay on. There's no oversight from congress, so the press should provide it.

But Nooooooooooo.... They don't want to lay into the Monkey Man and his gang of upwardly mobile twits. Are they worried they won't get access? Maybe. Do they care about the fate of the nation? Possibly not, as long as that fate holds the promise of selling a few more papers. What's clear is that the oversight and the investigations by fringe media, like this one, don't get enough attention paid to them. Some of their stories are a bit over the top, but some betray hints of "Oh my God. We have to pay attention to this."

I can't go on. I'm still quite wrung out politically. We haven't heard the last of this late lamented election as lawsuits in Ohio get deliberated. Why don't I have any faith at all that any important questions will be asked and investigated by major media outlets?

Whatever happened with the Valerie Plame case? Hmmmm....


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