Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The American Political Tradition

So, now we have laptops being swiped from some local GOP headquarters somewhere (obviously this is a bit unconfirmed so if you know let me know), and computers and other paraphenalia being taken from the Democratic headquarters in Lucas County, Ohio (I dunno Mr. Fudd! What is round on both ends and high in the middle?"). We're right there, deep in the grand old tradition of American politics, with sensitive info being stolen, stretchers being told by both sides, and blatant falsehoods being put out by Fearless Leader's campaign and the man himself.

Aside: I never said this would be a non-partisan exercise. I don't support the election of Fearless Leader.

Even with the Lidless Eye feeding us constant coverage of these people, I can't seem to erase the image of a bunch of guys who look like the little man from the monopoly cards, or President Taft, sitting around in a backroom waving their macanudos with one hand, the other with the thumb hooked in the watchpocket of their vest, haw-hawing and yelling "Balderdash!" by turns as they plot out the near future of their vast fortunes as seen through the election. In the swirling blue smoke they will decide who is elected, slop down their expensive booze, and look forward to The Season at Saratoga, and Palm Beach, and perhaps a cruise in the Mediterranean, that is if Europe hasn't gone up in flames by then.

Fuuny, but at the same time as this cruel tableau runs through my mind in a loop, I also see another Progressive Era figure who blows aside the smoke like a bracing wind from the north. TR strides into the room, and with a wave of his hand sends the Robber Barons runnign for cover. Just wishful thinking I guess.
Brahmin ain't exactly TR. Hell, even TR wasn't a paragon of all that's right and true, but he was a forceful and scholarly individual, which is far more than we've had at the helm these past four years.


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