Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Another one, just because...

...a friend says there ain't much here.

Well, I'm new to this, and I am technologically deficient.

Aha. It's finally there. Well. OK. Now we'll see if anyone bothers with this at all.

Now a little raving. What I really want to see in the debate is Brahmin to go over to Fearless Leader and give him a noogie, THEN get on with the actually mudslinging. Fearless Leader ain't nuthin' but a frat boy at heart anyway. Afterwards, they could have a good old SKull and Bones Beer Bong, right there onstage with Scheiffer joining in.

Speaking of Bob Scheiffer, he's one of my old favorites because he's always looked like he had a really dirty joke at the forefront of his mind, and was barely holding back the laughter. Is this campaign a dirty joke? Hmmmm....


Blogger Don said...

I'm gonna miss this "debate" too. Balls. Maybe tomorrow I can catch the rerun of Jon Stewart's take on it.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Jean Lafitte said...

You mean Jon Stewart isn't your primary news source??

10:01 AM  

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