Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm fortunate to be married to a professor of biology who is smarter than me AND is a raving beauty (why not marry someone smarter than yourself at whom you can stare in rapt admiration whenever you want?), and we are fortunate to have a riotous and happy 13.5 month old son. He is happy even though he was born into an election year (poor wee tyke!) and we never play enough music around the house.

I was born on the Marine Corps base at Barstow, CA but from the age of 7 grew up in Berkeley, CA. Now I'm a raspy old man of 46 (though not nearly as old and raspy as many my age) and I'm basically happy with who I turned out to be as a person. NOT that there ain't questions now and then, but what the hell? I just don't wanna get too cocky, or someone might come down from above and give me the karmic boot right where it hurts the most.


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