Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Big Show

I refer to last night's shenanigans. It seemed like more of the same, perhaps a little less impressive on the part of Brahmin, but maybe he just suffers from certain theatrical limitations. He ain't exactly the type to deliver a stemwinder that gets the crowd roaring for someone's blood. Or it could be that domestic issues just don't carry the same amount of drama for someone like me who's white, has a job, and healthcare and (for now) relatively decent schools to send his kid to, no matter how much I may know that those things are huge for many people. I still think he won, even if he did step on his d**k once or twice.

Fearless Leader continued in the same vein I've always perceived, something far less than presidential, inspiring no confidence at all in me. He displayed that lunatic grin that at times seemed to include teeth being clenched behind it, as though there was a bad, coppery taste of something oozing back down his throat from whence it came; maybe the bile that had risen that he'd reminded himself not to hurl at Brahmin. The bad jokes and the private, snorting barks of laughter were unnerving. Does he do that often? Does it happen in cabinet meetings? Do his handlers caution him against that and wince when he lets fly? Does snot ever fly across the podium? Did I see Scheiffer recoil slightly at something when Fearless Leader snorted about media outlets?

I could go on in that vein, but why? Fearless Leader does not seem fearless to me, and he never has. I just don't get how he's gotten it over all these years since 2000. Last night, as in the first debate, I kept waiting for his tantrum to finally boil over when he would pound the podium harder and faster and yell "What's the MATTER with you people?!?! Can't you understand? Brahmin is so a liberal weenie! He' s a WEENIE WEENIE WEENIE WEENIE WEENIE!!! Why can't you people SEE that?"

For all you Fearless Leader supporters out there, I'll give him high marks for his expressions of how faith plays a role for him. I felt he was being genuine there. Otherwise, I still can't understand how anyone ever bought his act in the first place. I have never felt the slightest confidence in this guy. On the likeability factor, I don't really have any need to relate to the president. I don't care to have a president I'd want to have a beer with. I want a president I trust will be a smart, responsible, thoughtful, decisive individual. I don't want to like the president, I want to respect the president, not suspect that he's a tool.

OK, that's all. That's the end of my tantrum. Fearless Leader is NOT fearless! He's not he's not he's not he's NOT!


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