Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Fearless Leader?

This, if true coming from Pat Robertson, ought to be the final nail in the coffin of the presidency of Fearless Leader. The confidence that some of us read as having gone over the line into stubborness seems more like complete detachment from reality. I think even denial is too weak a word to use here. This is a bit like Joe Torre saying, "We expect the Red Sox to forfeit each game." The unreality of this comment is beyond bizarre. Is it true, or is Robertson getting a whack in at Fearless Leader for some real or imagined slight, such as not giving him a greater voice in the campaign, or appointing him to a cabinet post?

Maybe I am misunderestimating the subliminababble messages coming to Fearless Leader from the Almighty, or His conduits like PR. Maybe we should believe anything he VP Sauron say. Maybe the changing justifications for war in Iraq are all we need to sustain us. Maybe the three teachers in Oregon were just getting what they deserved.

No. There's a serious problem when the GOP shuts out dissenters and threatens even peaceful non-confrontational protesters with arrest. First of all, it smacks of the F word (the one that ends in "m"). Second of all, what are they afraid of? Are they afraid that Fearless Leader will have his "spotless" image tarnished by such a scene? Will his base suddenly percieve the multitude of cracks in the edifice?

Brahmin may be a bit vague about his plans, and he sure doesn't light me up with political fervor, but he's a thinker and he doesn't demand loyalty oaths be signed at his rallies. That alone is enough to have me vote for him. I refuse to vote on the basis of fear generated by the republican spin machine. Brahmin has what it takes to put the kaibosh on Al Qaeda and perhaps even North Korea and Iran,which Fearless Leader clearly does not. Brahmin sees us as engaged in the world, Fearless Leader sees us at odds with it. That seems regressive to me.


Blogger Don said...

I can't come up with any justification for shit like the stories you linked to. It just makes no sense. If I had time and opportunity, as an experiment I'd like to wear a Protect Our Civil Liberties t-shirt and see if I get excused too. The diff is, I'm a registered Republican, and if asked could claim I only mean to encourage the Prez to protect the 2nd Amdmt, and the 1st in terms of opposing hate speech legislation. What would they say then? Bastards. I'm beginning to consider Badnarik. I can't disagree with him significantly more than those other two guys.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Well, it's these things which truly make me worry about our future if Fearless Leader is elected.

4:55 PM  

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