Friday, October 15, 2004


Yes, indeed. Pelicans are another species that I love to watch. I recall driving down Highway along the San Mateo coast, looking out over the cliffs south of Half Moon Bay. We were doing about 60mph and I noticed that the brown pelicans were keeping pace as they flew nap-of-the-earth of the wave tops. They were nearly insolent with their ease of flight. We were nothing in our aluminum buggy. Just a bunch of noisy, hairy, flatulent earthbound primates.

Hip Liz don't like Magpies. Refers to them as "shitpiles." He may be right, but I always thought geese were the shitpiles of the bird world. They congregate on our playing fields now and will never leave. Changes in the climate have obviated the need to migrate. Now, the right fielders in Albany must tread through fields of goose shit to track down the fly balls. They didn't even have to put up with that at Candlestick!


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