Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weird Canine Habits

Kona, our hound dog pit bull mutt, has an interesting habit of standing and staring at the back door for quite a few moments before whacking it with her paw.  She stands there with her head down for a while, then looks around to see if anyone will get up to let her out.  She doesn't approach any of us, just stands there waiting.  If we don't respond, she walks half way back to the living room, as far as the dining room, then turns around and repeats the whole performance.  It's as if the walk back will reset everything, and perhaps then we'll get up to let her out.  Cruel it may be, but I can't resist not reacting just to see how many times she'll do it before she yowls at one of us. 

She actually never utters a sound.  She just stares and whacks softly at the door, multiple times if need be.

OK, then we finally let her out and if one of us doesn't go out with her, at least at night, she generally will not go do what she needs to do.  She'll turn around before making it to the edge of the patio, then run back and start clawing frantically at the back door.  This is probably the one thing she does that just annoys the hell out of me.  I do not appreciate having to stand around in the freezing cold while she looks for a place to pee.  Jayzus!  She has jaws that cause my brother to refer to her as our "death machine" and she can't stand to go out into her own territory to pee.

She also makes a sound sometimes in the morning that you could describe as baying.  If she's really hungry and I am not moving fast enough, she gives me the word in this way.  It's a bizarre edgy baying noise that I've never heard from any of other dog.  Once she's delivered that statement, she spring loads for when food fills her dish then goes after it like a huge furry piranha.  She never takes more than 30 seconds to finish.  Not unlike American travellers witnessed by de Tocqueville back in The Day.

There we are.  She's a golden dog; a classic children's dog and as affectionate as a dog could be with the capability of ending a human life.  Still, she won't go out into the dark, but she will tell me to hurry the hell up.

Odd.  Wouldn't live without her though. 


Blogger Don said...

Maybe she's afraid to find a prowler and rend him into quivering red ribbons without your implicit permission.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Harry said...

All the while not realizing I'd be standing there yelling,


8:19 AM  

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