Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cut the Funk

Even in suburban California, morning light has a way of cutting through the murk.  I refer the murk of the mind, a musty, green gurgly fog that fills the perception after a night of too much red wine and snacks . . . after dinner.  My mind is murky this morning, but slicing through it in the form of a blade of sunlight is the dawning of a new day.  Off through the shimmering oak leaves I can see blue sky.  This means that the chilluns can be taken out into the sun shine, away from screens that steal their soul, away from the motionless frustration that freezing rainstorms bring on.

Already the Princess is whining because "no one will play with me."  Five year olds don't understand the concept of starting a beautiful day with a positive frame of mind.  I tried that, just to see what would happen, and she frumped away a little more silently, but now she's stomping out here as loudly as possible to pester me again.

So, what started as a hopeful observation on morning and possibilities has been slapped away by a little girl's desire to be played with and her complete lack of patience.  I only finish these last few lines because she needs to learn to wait for things.  OK, away I go.  Time for a Saturday morning jigsaw puzzle!

OK, the morning meal has been consumed (pancakes with blueberries and bananas for adults, pancakes with chocolate chips and marshmallows for kids, in the shape of a wombat head for the Princess).  We have taken on our traditional American load of sugar and fat and are ready to face the day.

Movement is desired, toward anything that doesn't involve stress and strain, fighting children or obligations.  Perhaps obligations are the thing to be most avoided.  We have a rare weekend here where we don't have to do something we committed to.  The temptation to sprawl is nearly overwhelming, but I fight it by remembering that I sit on my ass for a living.  I've even taken to setting my watch timer for 45 minutes to force myself to get up once per hour and move around, stand on one leg for a minute each leg, do pushups, squats, touch the ceiling, run up and down the stairs, anything that gets me moving with some effort or forcing me use muscles I don't use much. 

I'm in that mode today.  I don't want food or drink until dinner.  I don't want to sit and watch. In fact I don't even want to write this anymore.  I want to use the junk that sits in the middle of the garage as a blocking sled and shove it out into the gutter.  Trouble is, it would block the street.  I want to strip it all back to the walls and start over!  Aiiieeeee!


Blogger Don said...

I know. I haven't been making time for exercise. There is no time of day anymore that reliably works for it. A flimsy excuse. I still have Dad's stuff. Last week I filtered through his books and took ten banker's boxes full of books to donate to the library. I have eight more ready to go. And that's just the beginning, but the ultimate goal is to strip it all back to the walls and travel lightly. Too much stuff!

12:33 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Good luck! We've lived in this house for 2 years and haven't done anything like make the garage safe for democracy, or even a car. Not good.

Keep moving, even if it isn't working out. Never stop, like a shark....

4:30 PM  

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