Monday, January 10, 2005

Here we go again

How's that for a cheery greeting to the new year?

That's about what I can muster. Daring Dayton is cutting teeth. My Lovely Wife is up late writing lectures. I stay up watching an old Woody Allen movie.

I sleep from Midnight to about 2:30 , when Dr. Perfesser Wife arrives with Daring Dayton...I think. Now I don't know if that's correct. Anyhow, she is freezing, the little Buccaneer is whimpering and crying, and tylenol is called for.

Sometime around 4AM I return to the Arms of Morpheus. I might as well have not bothered. I am trashed. There is a band if dullness over my eyes, like an invisible, heavy mask of old silicon rubber. My arms are heavy and slow. My feet, encased in sturdy Red Wing boots against the rain that has not arrived, are like two dumbells attached to my ankles.

Maybe in the next few days, I will hit this page with a happier note. This one ain't unhappy, mind you, it just ain't in general. Sometime soon, I will scare up some enthusiasm for something. Maybe someone will read about it.


Blogger Don said...

2005 has not yet been worth the trouble.

But we did celebrate its arrival with bottle rockets provided once upon a time by Spokane Mike, and they left a fine spiralling trail as they rose into the night (horizontally, as against Pakenham's East Indians) to disappear with a flash and a bang. Not advisable in the dry season, or when the Sheriff is near.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Roy said...

I've always wondered why, at least in the Midwest, the "new year" begins with onset of the worst weather of the year, when things begin to freeze and die, or at least begin a phase that appears like death, when it seems the first lesson of the year is that you yourself will die if you aren't careful, when the streets are dirty and grimy and when you go inside you hear with dread the furnace in the basement roaring victoriously as it consumes dollars and coughs out hot, dusty air that is probably making you sick. This is not inspiring. It makes more sense for each year to begin around that time that things start to warm up and new growth sprouts and the birds start to come around and chirp at the squirrels and you throw open the windows and look forward to a long, fun summer.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Harry said...

Hear, hear, Roy! (though in our case its a wall heater off the living room rather than the furnace in the basement,which we ain't got)

I used to have a brighter feeling this time of year, with the possibilities that would soon open with the return of the Sun. For some reason now, I don't. Even with a healthy, happy and entertaining toddler son, and the prospect of the Sun, I feel trod on somehow. Hmmmm....

10:36 AM  
Blogger Don said...

The year used to begin on March 25, at the onset of Spring, when buds were swelling and grass first poking through last year's dead vegetation and also as it happens the day the Ring was cast into the Fires of Mt. Doom, thus beginning the Fourth Age ... But the Romans fixed that, arrogant bastards. Maybe about the time they renamed the 11th and 12th months to January and February.

11:28 AM  

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