Monday, June 20, 2011

Swine but not swine

Every now and again you run into a situation where you encounter a person who's appealing on some level, but reprehensible on another. I know just such a person now. They are a colleague whom I'd like to see disappear as soon as possible, but oddly, I don't mind helping them find a new spot and not entirely to hurry the process of getting them out of here. Strangely, when they request that I help them go over possible interview scenarios, I experience this urge to help them out. Perhaps I just feel guilty way down deep for wishing this person would just go away. Perhaps I feel some weird gratitude for their being here to help out so I didn't have to do two jobs. The trouble is that it went from light to dark in short order. They went from getting a rave review to the edge of being damned with faint praise. Perhaps its just that nearly everyone has a good side and part of me sees it even though my inner curmudgeon grumbles and swears under its breath.

I can honestly say that they are a good worker, really smart, and could probably do the job fairly well after about a year. They are also pushy, don't follow directions and are a pain in the ass. Perhaps I just want to have a good constructive exchange with them. Most of us want to do positive things, and have a situation end on a positive note. That could be it.

Shit man, they're leaving, so let's not slam the door too quickly after they leave. We can wave and smile and quietly click shut just the screen door, instead of scowling and and waving the back of the hand and slamming both doors shut and locking them. It's the decent thing to do after all. Ain't it?


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