Friday, January 09, 2009

Wilkins goes to the Great Beyond

Another of my boyhood heroes passes over the threshold.

I knew that if Hefti had died, Wilkins had to follow soon. Creature Features was the greatest, and now we are bereft of anything as entertaining, though Mystery Science Theater 3000 came close. Sigh.

I once asked him, at the Federation Trading Post during an appearance by James Doohan, attended by Don and myself, why he didn't show "Nosferatu." He peered up at me through his glasses and replied that if he showed a silent movie people would turn up the volume on their TVs and when a commercial came on, their TVs would explode. HE couldn't be responsible for such a thing.

I wonder if I will ever again be able to watch "The Horror at Party Beach."


Blogger Annie said...

or the brain that would not die, and so on. wilkins was a gem.

10:40 AM  

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