Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oh, Come ON!

Is anyone else out there wondering how anything like this can be taken seriously at all?

Is CNN so starved for attention that they actually put something like this out there as though the plot was real? this is the second announcement of this plot, timed no doubt to divert attention momentarily from things like
new revelations in the Plame Case, or Alberto Gonzalez babbling incoherently at the Senate Committee, or anything else that's currently making the administration look like a gang of corrupt, lying scum.

A bomb to blow off the door to the cockpit. Oh brother. George is really scraping the bottom on this one. the scary thing is that a lot of people will put hand to mouth as they gasp, and they will wallow in The Fear just like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney want them to. When will someone with real political stature just start hitting the circuit and blasting these people in the public prints and airwaves for the lying clowns that they are? It needs to be more than Murtha, more than Howard Dean. Jayzus, I wish I had an answer. 2006 can't come soon enough. There may just be a chance to restore some balance to the government. As an American citizen, I am stunned that the public, the press, and most of all the Congress just keeps letting the administration get away with it.


Blogger Laslo said...

Nobody cares, Harry. There's a gremlin on the wing, and no one cares. Quit that crazy talk.

4:11 AM  

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