Tuesday, February 15, 2005

What IS that?

Here we are at the end of another workday, at which time I am tempted to say that I've earned another day of ill-gotten gains. It's been a moderately busy day. Not sayin' I've sat on my hands, mind you. I just have a feeling of having contributed to something vaguely dishonest. Nothing dishonest about the pursuit of knowledge, I hear you cry. Maybe not in its purest form, but there's something impure about this place. The finger will not land on it. I just have to settle for that vague feeling. It's as though a bird has flown over, and I think it might have crapped on me. I can't find the thing, but I can't shake the feeling that its there. I'd wipe it off if I could find it, but I can't. I just have to wear it, or walk around somehow knowing its there and hoping nobody notices.


Blogger Don said...

So long as the Regents rake in all that pay and all those perqs, and student fees shoot through the roof while the staff never gets a dime of it, and young people are unable to go there because their parents either don't make enough or make too much, then that stain will continue to drift down onto you, like the fine blue mist from the ass-end of an airliner. I don't think RPGs are the answer, but you never know.

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